Letters From Devon

Hello friends,

I write this to you in bed, exhausted, sipping a huge cup of tea.

It’s been a busy yet beautiful weekend. I woke at 5.30am on Saturday and was at my mum’s house before 7am. We headed down to Devon to visit my brother, who has lived there for may years and is just about to move to London. Roadtrips with my mum are always the best, chatting solidly for hours whilst we sip coffee and watch the views turn green.

We first arrived at Noss Mayo, a small river village, and munched on cheese and onion pastries whilst wistfully window shopping tiny, chocolate-box houses covered in blooming roses bushes. The tide followed us back up land bringing with it the smell of salt and seaweed. Then we headed to the beach with a picnic. I used to live in Cornwall, and being by the sea again was tonic. I read Conversations with Friends by Sally Roony, whilst listening to the waves roll in and stealing snippets of people’s chatter. I slept, and burnt my nose…

This morning I lounged for hours, and splayed across bed until the latest possible moment. Then I headed out in search for coffee and avocados. I finished my book, started another, contemplated a run but decided against it. I watched Dating Amber on Amazon Prime – it’s fabulous, please watch it. It was one of those day’s where I was busy doing nothing.

Now, the sun has finally set and I am left with only the dregs of my tea. Time for bed and a 6.30 run in the morning!

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