Postcards from…


Where else could I send you a postcard from in 2020?

I originally thought Postcards From… could be part of a travel series. After spending my twenties flowing from place to place, and although I have set down some roots at home, travel will always be something I prioritise in my life. I had planned to spend my 2020 in NYC, Greece, Portugal and California. Yet no sooner had landed from Manhattan and booked a hotel in Greece, Covid hit. Boarders closed and the world was ushered inside, bar from the government-permitted daily constitutional. Even though these past months have not provided the thrill of travel and adventure, there still has been much going on behind the scenes.

Life slowed down, but bread was baked and gin was consumed (by the litre). I have roared through my book stack – my online Waterstones account has been thoroughly rinsed. Some days I felt rushes of grief, anger and frustration, and others were unadulterated bliss. I walked through countryside everyday. I watched lambs being born in the fields behind my house, ate pasta whilst watching sunsets and grown accustomed to my mascara free face.

These moment may not be wild, free or adventurous but they are poignant, and I shall never forget them


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